At the Kings Bay Y, our classrooms are loving and caring spaces for children and families. Our children are encouraged to try new activities, meet new friends and satisfy their curiosity by learning about the world around them. We believe that our work is to support children to be the best that they can be. Home and school are a team and our doors are always open to families’ questions and ideas. Please remember that when it comes to your child, there is never a question that is too small to ask.


  • Full and half day programs
  • Reggio Emilia approach
  • Bank Street progressive approach
  • Fully licensed staff
  • Music specialists
  • Jewish cultural activities
  • State of the art facility
  • Nutritious snack daily

Twos' Room:

When you walk into a Twos’ room, you will see children actively engaged in all the centers. The centers are: painting at the easel, sand/water table, dramatic play area, manipulative area, block area, library, project area and writing area. The main work of a Two-Year-Old is to become comfortable with school routines, make friends, learn about sharing, become part of the classroom community and try new activities.

preschool1  preschool3  preschool4

Threes' Room:

When you walk into a Threes’ Room, children will also be engaged in all areas of the room. Their math curriculum will consist of patterning, counting, sorting and number stories. Their studies will deal with the self, family and classroom community.

 preschool5   preschool7   prescool6

UPK/Fours’ Room:

When you walk into a UPK/Fours’ Room, children will make use of the whole classroom. Four-Year-Olds will be supported in beginning to write their own ideas. They will learn the alphabet and the sounds of letters. They will begin to read very simple books. Their math curriculum will build upon the Threes’ curriculum with counting, sorting and patterning. They will begin to do small addition and subtraction and word problems. The curriculum for the Fours’ will focus on Community. They will study their classroom and friends, our school and our neighborhood. They will learn about the businesses, organizations and people that work together for the benefit of our community.

Community Service: preschool2-12

At the Kings Bay Y, we believe in giving back to the world. Even at such a young age, children understand that others have less than they do. We collected money for Ubuntu, which is an organization that supports children who have been affected by disease and tragedy in South Africa. We have collected food for City Harvest to help those who are hungry closer to home and raised funds for Save A Child's Heart, an Israeli organization that provides lifesaving heart surgery free of charge to children in developing countries.

Physical Education:

At the Kings Bay Y, we have an indoor gym where the children engage in cooperative games. They also play basketball, ride scooters, walk on balance beams, climb through tunnels, practice yoga and dancing and play hopscotch. It is very important that children at our school have physical activity every day. When the weather permits, we walk to the playground, where the children play on climbers, swings, blow bubbles, draw with chalk and play outdoor tag games.

Our preschool runs from September to June -- however, we do accept students on an ongoing basis, so whenever there are openings available and our schedule permits it, a student can come join us! 

If you are interested in meeting with us and getting to know the school a bit better, we welcome you to schedule a tour with us! Meet with our preschool director Ilana Friedman to take a look around our wonderful North Williamsburg Y preschool.


Registration for the 2017-2018 school year is in full swing.  Please contact to get more information and schedule a tour! 

The Kings Bay Y at North Williamsburg & Greenpoint is a JCC open to all ages, backgrounds, ethnic and racial groups.
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